Conviction overturned for Richmond Heights man accused of trying to kill wife

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CLEVELAND- The conviction has been overturned for a Richmond Heights man accused of trying to kill his wife by tampering with her car.

Ronald Miller, 75, was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison in March 2014 after he was convicted on attempted murder charges. But now, a court found prosecutors should not have been allowed to use two key pieces of testimony.

On Feb. 8, 2013, Miller’s wife, Rhoda, lost control of her car and crashed through the front window of a nail salon on Wilson Mills Road in Richmond Heights. Rhoda Miller told officers she felt her car accelerating and couldn’t stop.

According to investigators, Ronald Miller forced a wooden shim into the car’s throttle mechanism. During the trial, prosecutors said Miller wanted his wife dead to avoid a costly divorce.

The Eighth District Court of Appeals of Ohio said prosecutors did not establish Ronald Miller's motive.

"A verbal threat made 30 years ago in contemplation of divorce does not establish a motive for the alleged crimes occurring in another marriage that had no suggestion of being over," the ruling said.

The court said they could find not overwhelming evidence of Ronald Miller’s guilt and he did not receive a fair trial. The court also said that the mechanic who towed the car from the storefront was not an expert witness so a part of his testimony should not have been permitted.

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