Airing dirty laundry: Bird reenacts hilarious outbursts of divorced previous owners

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MAIDEN, North Carolina — A cockatoo named Peaches has taken to airing her previous owners’ dirty laundry — in hilarious outbursts where she apparently mimics them fighting.

A video posted to YouTube shows just one of her performances, and it’s gotten more than 1 million views.

“There must have been some heated arguments, as Peaches now mimics a couple arguing, even dramatically moving her head as if pointing aggressively at the other person,” the post states. “She is hilarious!”

According to Today, Elaine and Don Sigmon adopted Peaches from a dog breeder, Neil Ebling, about a month and a half ago. Ebling had adopted the bird 23 years prior from a couple who went through a divorce. He said Peaches has always broken out into squawking and ranting fits.

The Sigmons say they love her hilarious outbursts, and emphasized that Peaches is also extremely cuddly and loving, and loves her new home.

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