Avoiding Fleet: Residents complain of construction, potholes

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Traffic on Fleet Avenue is slow-moving these days, and you can probably guess why.

"There’s a lot of construction going on and the potholes,” said Naya Smith.

She lives on the street and said there are potholes everywhere.

"I had one right in front of my house. You could hear the vibration of the big trucks going by when they would go over the hole. It was terrible,” said Smith.

She said the city has since patched that one up, but there are still plenty more.

Construction on Fleet Avenue started last year. The city is resurfacing the road between Independence and Broadway.

They’re also doing some other work too. It’s expected to be done in 2016.

"The street has all these chuckholes and then there’s traffic and a person can't even stop. You can't pass through the middle because it's all icy,” she said.

She worries it’s costing her and other businesses in the area customers.

"People are telling me that they're trying to avoid Fleet Avenue,” she said.

The city said they had eight crews out on Monday patching up potholes. They use a priority system with the worst streets getting fixed first.

To report a pothole, click here.

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