‘We are going to fix this’: Cleveland City Councilman says snow removal efforts will improve

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CLEVELAND--It has been days since we've seen significant snow in Cleveland, but you wouldn't know it by looking at some streets around Northeast Ohio.

The Fox 8 I-Team has been working to get to the bottom of the problem all week.

That's how it was discovered dozens of plow trucks in the city of Cleveland are broken.

So what's the status of the clean-up?

Fox 8 discovered along 152nd Street, just off of Puritas Avenue in the city of Cleveland, there are hazardous conditions for driving.

Residents had a difficult time walking around, and drivers dealt with a very slick and snowy roadway.

People on several secondary roads like this have been complaining to the city of Cleveland since all this snow came down this week.

But many have found nothing has been done to make the road conditions better.

Fox 8's I-Team even confronted Cleveland's Director of Public Works about the issue.

Michael Cox explained the city was working to fix the snowy roadways.

The I-Team also found out there are a number of city trucks out of service with mechanical breakdowns.

Cleveland City Councilman, Zack Reed, discussed the situation on Saturday.  He tells Fox 8 he has received complaints from residents.

"Councilman, when is my street going to be clear, and I can't answer them. We are not showing the same energy to remove the snow from the side streets that we have shown to remove it from the main streets," he said.

Councilman Reed explained he's going to work with the administration to try and get results.


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