Phone scam suspect claims to be sheriff’s detective

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(Photo Credit: MGN Online)

LORAIN, Ohio — The Lorain County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents about a telephone scam where the caller claims to be a detective in order to get personal information.

According to an alert from the sheriff’s office, a male recently was placing calls to residents, identifying himself as Frank Shapiro, a fraud detective with the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities say it appears the man is contacting people in an attempt to obtain the personal information of their relatives. The man leaves a toll-free 888 phone number with a case number and asks if their relative could call them back.

When the 888 number is dialed, it is answered by an automatic system, which appears to belong to a fraudulent company.

Authorities say if residents get a similar call, they should get the caller’s phone number and not give out any personal information. They also say to be cautious about what is posted on social media as the suspects could use that information in the scams.

Anyone who has been involved in a scam should contact their local law enforcement agency.