Family is blessed that ice falling on their car didn’t cause any injuries

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WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, OH – Scary and loud is how Meghan Laylin describes what happened to her family last week.

She said they were driving down I-271 south in Warrensville Heights when a pile of ice and snow fell from an overpass above and landed on the windshield.

"It smashed in the windshield and puts some dents in the hood. We were really blessed to have a good driver who didn't cause any other accidents,” she said.

Her brother-in-law, Kevin Laylin, was driving at the time. He said he tried to remain as calm as possible, especially since Meghan’s kids were in the car and her husband too.

"With bad weather you have ice, so I didn't want to hit the breaks or jerk, it was pretty scary,” he recalls.

He said he quickly put on the wipers, and that’s when he noticed the windshield was cracked.

It’s since been repaired, but the dents on the hood are still there.

Kevin and Meghan are convinced the snow came from a snow plow.

They said they saw one on the overpass when it happened.

"So I don't know if he was going too fast. I know sometimes when they go real fast it does that,” said Meghan.

She said they ended up calling Warrensville Heights Police, but we’re told there was nothing they could do.

At this point, she said she just wants to raise awareness and let snowplow drivers know to be careful.

"If you're trying to make it safe for one car, but hurting another, sometimes it's not worth it,” she said.


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