Parma firefighters help deliver baby in grocery store parking lot

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PARMA, Ohio – It was shortly after midnight last Saturday when Parma firefighters received a 911 call from an expectant dad.

“We are on the road right now. My wife is in labor and we are on the way to the hospital, but we are not sure we are going to make it.”

That call came from David Tighe, who was driving his very pregnant wife Sarah, and their 2-year-old son, Sam, to the hospital.  On the way, Sarah told him she thought she was ready to deliver and that’s when he made the 911 call.

Tighe pulled over in a grocery store parking lot and waited for help to arrive.

“We got there in a short time,” said firefighter, David Knecht.

The Tighes

The Tighes

And that was good, because baby Benjamin was ready to be born.

“We got her on the cot, and within a minute she actually gave birth,” said firefighter, Joe Harder.  “It was an amazing, humbling experience.”

The Tighes, all four of them, are back at home and very forever grateful for the special assistance they received with their speedy delivery.

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