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Ohio man’s obituary becomes warning against heroin

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CINCINNATI, Ohio- A Cincinnati family is dealing with heroin in a way they could never  have imagined.

Their son, 26-year old Alex Hesse, overdosed on heroin last week.

Penny Hesse told WLWT News her son was smart,  had  big dreams and was a  natural athlete.

Sadly, all that changed by a force his parents describe as evil.  “It was a demon.  It was heroin and it took over his life,” said his mother.

The family,  who is now  preparing Alex’s funeral,  is not keeping quiet about the way he died.

Alex’s father, Rick told WLWT,  “It doesn’t take more than one time with heroin. One time you take it and you’re hooked.”

Alex’s family took an unusual approach of mentioning his addiction as part of the 26-year-old’s  obituary in their local newspaper.

The obituary read in part, “Drugs took ahold of his life, changed him and destroyed his future.’

Reporter Brian Hamrick has their story in the video above.



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