911 dispatcher breaks rules to save a toddler’s life

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GALAX, West Virginia – A 911 dispatcher put his job on the line to help save a young boy.

Back in December, 17-month-old Aidan Walker was feeling sick and took a nap; moments later, he had a seizure while sleeping and stopped breathing, according to WSLS.

Walker’s mother and grandmother called 911 and asked for help.

Dispatcher Tim Webb had to decide to help the family, who didn’t know CPR, or wait for the ambulance, which was nearly 20 minutes away.

Dispatcher: 911, where’s your emergency?

Caller: Oh my God, my baby, my baby! He’s not breathing. Oh my God, oh my God!

The Galax Police Department doesn’t have EMD certification, meaning they cannot assist with CPR over the phone, but Webb knew he had to help.

Galax’s police chief gave Webb the consent while he was on the phone and he walked the family through CPR.

Dispatcher: I’m not gonna let you lose him. Put him on your kitchen table, ok?

Caller: Ok.

Dispatcher: All right, barely pinch his nose off and put your mouth over top of his mouth, and I need you to blow in it just a second and see, ok?

Galax is set to have their EMD certification soon, meaning they can officially help anyone over the phone with CPR.

Aidan survived and his mother said if they could tell Webb just one thing, it would be that he is their hero.

Listen below for the full 911 call:

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