Justin Bieber to be put on the spit at Comedy Central roast

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Justin Bieber waves to fans after being released from a Miami, Florida jail Thursday, January 23, 2014. (CNN)

Justin Bieber as the subject of a Comedy Central roast?

The Justin Bieber who allegedly egged a neighbor’s house? The Justin Bieber who reportedly antagonized an airplane crew and filled an plane with pot smoke? The Justin Bieber whose antics prompted some commentators to ask for his deportation?

Comedy Central might have a hard time coming up with material.

But seriously, folks, it looks like the Biebs will be put on the spit at one of Comedy Central’s periodic skewerings — and he couldn’t be happier, the singer and recently minted Calvin Klein model tweeted.

Nor could a host of people on the Internet, who made the hashtag #BieberRoast — spurred on by Comedy Central — start trending.

Of course, given the youthfulness of Bieber’s fans, more than one tweeter politely took the time to explain just what a “roast” is.

Oh, if only Foster Brooks were still alive.

The Bieber roast is scheduled for March 7.

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