Random act of kindness from Keller Williams Realty surprises local pizza delivery man

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STRONGSVILLE--A random act of kindness was caught on camera, and some real estate agents out of Strongsville were part of the scheme to surprise a pizza delivery man with a big tip.

Pam Strange and Joe Gazzo with Keller Williams Realty attended a leadership convention on Thursday in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

They, along with a couple hundred agents from the region were in attendance.  At the event, they all decided they wanted to give back.

One pizza was ordered, and “Rob” the deliveryman showed up to drop off the pie.

He was greeted with kindness.

"We wanted to do something special for you today, if you would allow us to, and we want to present you with something," said the event’s emcee.

The deliveryman was greeted with kindness and a $2,084 tip.

It was an unexpected setting for a random act of kindness.

“I've been in the business 40 years and I never experienced anything like it,” Gazzo said.

“It was very, very special.”

"We took a collection around the room, of all the agents, we collected some gifts, we collected inspirational notes for him,” Strange said.

But when the man realized there was more to the mission, that’s when everyone got excited.

"I was in tears with it, because it's just something you don't see very often,” Gazzo said.

Strange tells Fox 8 the Keller Williams mission aligns with what they did in Michigan.

"We like to do something random, change peoples' lives in a moment, help them, whatever we could do."

The Northeast Ohioans will tell you, the event was all caught on camera, but no one needs to watch it to remember how they felt.

"I mean, I won't forget it,” said Gazzo.

It’s likely ‘Rob’ won’t either.

The emcee at the conference closed with these words to the random act of kindness recipient”

"People go through the world all the time, and wonder does anyone notice them, does anyone appreciate them--we notice you and we appreciate you."