A diamond in the rough in a local man’s attic

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SHARON CENTER, Ohio- If you build it, they will come, or at least come to admire it no matter where you build it.  Sitting in a small, cramped attic in a Medina County home is a diamond.

"Keeping busy that's all," said homeowner, Joe Duncan.

But it's not just any diamond; it's Progressive Field.

"I put Duncan Larkman Field, I call it," Duncan said.

The field is named after its creator, 92-year-old Joe Duncan, and his son-in-law.  Duncan is a World War II vet who used pictures he took at the ballpark to get almost every single detail right.

"Made my loges on the wrong side but that's all right; they are on this side instead of the other side," said Duncan.

Duncan's stadium includes the American flag in center field, the pennants on top of the dugout and even lights.

"I got some rods and Christmas tree lights is what they are," he said.

Duncan worked daily on the project, three hours in the morning, followed by a nap, then a few more hours of labor in the afternoon.  It took one year to build.

"That's my third one,” he said. “First one was real small, then she got me baseball players and I had to make it bigger in order to get it the size of them so I finally got done; I guess I'm done."

Duncan went a step further and even created a parking lot behind the ballpark surrounded by trees.  The price tag of this stadium: just over $100.

If you think Joe's work stops there, think again; he is now building a NASCAR stadium complete with stands, a track, and even the guardrails.