Avon Lake, Medina County, Ashtabula County residents asked to conserve water

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Avon Lake - People in parts of Lorain and Medina counties are being asked to conserve their water.  How long that lasts largely depends on what happens with Lake Erie.  The lake has not frozen over yet.  That has created a situation for the Avon Lake Regional Water District.

Aqua Ohio Customers in Ashtabula County are also being asked to conserve water.

Ice is limiting how much water the company can currently draw from the lake. Residents in Avon Lake and Medina County  were notified of the issue Sunday morning.

Chief Utilities Executive Todd Danielson said Lake Erie is the major source of the water supply for the district’s 200,000 customers. “As that water is trying to freeze, the slush is mixing all through the water column.  And, as the slush comes down to our intakes, it is reducing our ability to draw water in," Danielson said.

Ashtabula county residents were notified that the ice in Lake Erie limits the water flow into the treatment plant.

avon lake regional water

Avon Lake Regional Water said it has workarounds in place and is implementing more.

The water provided to the Medina County is also affected so residents are asked to restrict the use of water as much as possible. Medina said if its residents have questions, they can call 330-722-9081.

Right now there are no mandatory water use restrictions in Avon and Medina County.   But, the district is asking people to find some simple ways to cut back on water usage.

“If you can hold off washing your clothes for another day, that would be a great help.  People can get the drinks that they need, people can flush their toilets.  They can do what they regularly need. It's just the extra things. Don’t take a full bath today; just hold off on the unnecessary things,” Danielson said.

Aqua Ohio is telling Ashtabula County residents to avoid doing laundry, take shorter showers, and postpone car washing.

The same issue happened on January 8, 2014 after the Avon Lake Water Plant froze over.

It is not known how long the water conservation request will remain in effect.  And the situation could naturally correct itself, once Lake Erie freezes over.

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