Authorities work to ID woman who family says appears to be Ashley Summers

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Cleveland Division of the FBI has confirmed they have been contacted by the family of Ashley Summers regarding a possible sighting of the missing girl in Rhode Island.

According to the FBI's Vicki Anderson, the FBI was alerted Saturday by Summers' family reporting seeing a photo from Warwick, Rhode Island. The photo is tied to an ID theft case, and the family said the girl in the photo appears to be Summers.

Anderson said the FBI has contacted the Warwick Police Department and are working to identify the woman in the photo.

summers1Ashley Summers has been missing since July 9, 2007. She was last seen in the area of West 96th Street and Madison Avenue near her home.

Several sightings were reported within months of Summers’ disappearance, but none of those have turned into finding her.

Summers would currently be 21 years old and her family and the FBI are still searching, offering reward money for any information available.

The Cleveland Division of the FBI released a photo last month that shows a tattoo on Summers' right arm: a red heart with the name 'Gene' inside of it.

(Photo Credit: Warwick Police Department, Rhode Island)

(Photo Credit: Warwick Police Department, Rhode Island)

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