Obese dog gets a tummy tuck; slims down to 13 pounds

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COLUMBUS, Ohio -One canine is living out his new year’s resolution.

This is Dennis, the Daschund from Columbus, Ohio.

It may be hard to imagine, but this tiny bundle of energy was overweight.

Dennis weighed a whopping 56 pounds when his owner, Brooklyn Burton, got him from a relative.  Burton managed to bring his weight down to 29 pounds.

“He now can go up and down the steps he was never able to do that. Run even faster. he thinks he rules the house,” she said.  “He loves it when it’s chow time. He does a little dance. Right before he gets his food.”

And now after a little nip-tuck surgery, Dennis is able to live a more normal life.

“We should not be feeding dogs people food and overfeeding them and giving them excessive amount of treats. And just like humans, they need proper diet and exercise to live a good healthy life.”

After surgery, doctors were able to remove loose skin and slim Dennis down to 13 pounds.