Driver barrels into Chowder House Cafe, no serious injuries

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CUYAHOGA FALLS—A driver barrels into the front of a Cuyahoga Falls restaurant as people are eating inside.  It happened on Friday night, at the Chowder House Café on Chestnut Boulevard.  The owner tells Fox 8 the restaurant was packed with customers when the accident happened just before 7:00pm.

No one was seriously hurt when the elderly driver side-swiped the building, but the accident caused quite a commotion.

"It just was a huge explosion and the glass just blowing into the restaurant,” said Kerry Prpich, who owns the restaurant with her husband.

Prpich explained there was a lot of confusion and fear as anyone would imagine.  “It was just like out of a movie.”

Waitress Jeanann Liska was standing near the kitchen when the car hit the building.

"The thing I saw first was two lights, two bright lights, and they looked like they were up in the air,” she said.  “And then everything just blew in, just glass."

Witnesses say the driver eventually crashed into a car across the street.

"We could not get out the front door because of the stained glass windows were up against the door,” Liska said.

Police said they are investigating what exactly caused the crash on Friday.

Meanwhile, the owners tell Fox 8 it was a rough week for the owners of Chowder House.  Early Monday morning there was a break-in, where a laptop and other items were stolen.  Police have not made any arrests in that incident.

The owners are excited to move forward this new year, and are planning to reopen for business on Tuesday.