Molotov cocktail thrown under Kent police cruiser

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KENT, Ohio- Police in Kent are searching for the person who threw a lit Molotov cocktail under a police cruiser.

It happened around 1:15 a.m. on Dec. 29 in the parking lot of Kent’s police station, and the flash was captured on surveillance footage.

A Kent police sergeant, leaving the police station, noticed the flames and stomped out the fire about 15 minutes later. The police SUV that was targeted was parked in a spot near the road.

“Obviously, someone targeted the police car. I don’t think it was some random thing, so it's alarming to us,” said Kent Police Lt. James Prusha.“We, of course, are going to be more careful.”

The incident charred the undercarriage of the cruiser, but it did not require repair. Police said glass, lighter fluid and Styrofoam were found at the scene.

“Our police cars are bought by taxpayers. Fortunately, it didn't go up (in flames), but had it gone up, it just costs the taxpayers,” Prusha said.

Police said they have not identified any suspects or a motive, but the incident comes at a time of heightened tensions between some communities and law enforcement across the nation, including the murders of two New York City police officers.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Kent Police Detective Bureau at 330-673-7733.