35-car pileup in New Hampshire causes several injuries

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An accident early Friday morning in New Hampshire included 35 vehicles and a tractor-trailer in flames.

Ice and snow made driving conditions bad, and a car sliding underneath the tractor-trailer started the blaze, according to NCEN.

“[We] came out of this fog of snow, and it was right there, so we just slammed right into it and then people started hitting us,” Kristyn Reed told NCEN, as her car was next to the tractor-trailer fire. “We had to climb over other cars to get away, because people kept saying ‘That car’s going to blow.'”

Police said there were reports of injuries, but didn’t have many other details.

The freeway was closed for about three hours and the area is known for vehicle crashes in bad weather in the past.

There was a 2009 crash with 59 cars and a 2012 crash with twenty in a close area.

Watch the video above, courtesy of NCEN, to see the pileup.