Man survives three days in Alaskan wilderness, fights off wolverine

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While traveling to visit family over 80 miles away in a remote part of Alaska, Craig Johnson’s snowmobile fell through the ice when he was about halfway through his journey.

Johnson managed to pull himself back up onto the ice as his snowmobile sank, then he said he trekked about 30 miles searching for help, while also being followed by a wolverine.

Johnson told ABC news he almost gave up, but had to fight for his family. He said his father’s death in 1998, from falling through ice and drowning, also gave him motivation to survive.

As he walked, Johnson said he could hear a wolverine following him on the ice. He scared the animal away many times before finding a wooden box for shelter.

Many rescue helicopters passed until a search team lead by his cousin found him three days later.

Johnson is still recovering from severe frostbite but is expected to fully recover.