Former Browns players gathered to be honored for 1964 Championship win

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CLEVELAND—The same day as Josh Gordon faces another suspension, it’s also a milestone for the Cleveland Browns.  It has been 50 years to the day since the team won a championship game.  On Saturday night, those players who took victory home in 1964 were honored in a special way, with plenty of fans cheering for the legends.

An event at the Barley House in downtown Cleveland showcased several of the 1964 team, including: Bob Gain, Ed Bettridge, Jim Houston, Dick Schafrath, and Stan Szurek.  Also, players from other Browns eras attended.  Fox 8’s Danny Coughlin helped give a fitting tribute to the fine players.

When asked about what they did to stand out on the field, there was an easy answer.

"We made sure we did what we were supposed to do per our lessons, what we prepared for,” said Jim Houston, former Brown.  “I knocked everybody down."

"I never thought it would be this long since we won the championship so I'm hoping the Browns can win won soon,” said Ed Bettridge of the 1964 team.

Browns fans also came to the event on Saturday, which included a highlight reel of the 1964 season.

"My first memory of the Browns is the ‘64 Browns championship because my father was following and I was nine years old and I've been hooked ever since, through thick and thin,” said Diane Leung, a fan.

"It was the best Browns game I was ever at thus far, there were a lot of good ones, but nothing like winning a championship,” said fan, Michael Hallahan.

"The accomplishment they made 50 years ago today is something that's still amazing,” added Danny Tharp, who was one of the organizers of the event.

Tharp tells Fox 8 he wanted to mark the ‘Greatest day in Cleveland sports’, so he recruited the help to make it happen.

The players were pleased.

"If you are lucky enough to make a professional football team, it's an experience of a lifetime,” said Al Jenkins, of the 1969 Cleveland Browns.

Several fans at Saturday’s event hope the appreciation is prominent on the current Browns team.  After the announcement that Josh Gordon was suspended again, there were mixed feelings.

"Being a football player especially a first round draft pick it's like you hit the lottery, you're set for life if you do it right,” said fan, Bud McElwain.

"I think he's still learning, I'm not ready to give up on him just yet, let's give him a chance and see what goes on next year,” said fan, George Radmilovic.

No matter what happens in the future, Cleveland fans will be watching—including the former Cleveland Browns, who get just as amped up as the best of them.

"You know how we feel when we watch games, I keep scores by quarters,” said Bob Gain, of the 1964 Cleveland Browns team.

Proceeds from Saturday’s event go to the Cleveland Police Athletic League, and Cleveland Touchdown Club Charities.