Tallmadge car wash gets $1,000 anonymous holiday tip

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TALLMADGE, Ohio- The spirit of giving this holiday season continues after a car-wash crew gets a huge tip just in time for Christmas.

"We've had some very generous tips in the past, but this is a stunner,” said Kenneth Bushong, car wash owner.

The crew at Magic Mist in Tallmadge is still surprised someone anonymously gave them a $1,000-tip.

"It amazes me that they are people out there that can do this type of thing without the notoriety and the fanfare. It's a sign of a true giver," Bushong said.

Last Thursday, the crew at Magic Mist Car Wash was closing up for the night and counting up their tips. That’s when they looked inside the bucket and found an envelope filled with cash.

“I have a crew of 10 so we split it up between them and it worked out real great,” Bushong said.

On the day after Christmas, the place was packed as costumers heard of the huge tip.

"I think that's a great idea. I'm glad that someone did that for them and they do excellent work all the time and I think they all deserve it. They all work hard,” said Ruell Fisher of Suffield.

"That's fantastic. I think that is great. I always tip them well. They are good people they do a great job,” said Terry Chambers of Shalersville.

The workers said the car wash business has been slow lately so the extra money will help a lot.

"Surely helped my holiday spending go a little smoother. I was able to afford a little more for my family. I just went out actually the day before Christmas, Christmas Eve and picked out most of my holiday gifts so it definitely helped out on that end," said Justin Moran, a car wash employee.

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