Midwest storms slowing down some holiday travelers

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CLEVELAND - By late Christmas Eve, most people had probably already made it to their destinations to celebrate the holidays, but for some people the trip took a little longer than expected.

Flight delays made for some tricky travel, especially in parts of the Midwest.

There were no lines or crowds at Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland Wednesday afternoon.

"It is on time, it's a hustle and bustle, but again I'm looking forward to going home to see my family, I'm going to Chicago, I'm originally from Chicago, so yeah, for the most part, it's been cool," said holiday traveler Jess Sangsta.

Most of the cancellations and delays we did see on the screen at Hopkins were flights to and from Chicago.  O'Hare International Airport seemed to be the hardest hit, airlines had cancelled flights after forecasters predicted several inches of snow for the area. The storm did not materialize as expected, but the delays did.

"Everybody here has been very accommodating, I've been delayed two hours, then my connection is the problem, I live in a small town in Iowa, so there are a few flights going per day," said traveler Kushal Shah.

A Hopkins spokeswoman says last Friday was the airports busiest day this season.  Saturday and Sunday were also busy, but as it got closer to Christmas, the air traffic slowed down.  They expect it to pick up again on Sunday, when people return home. One couple at Hopkins waited for their daughter, eager to see her come home for the holidays.

"She came from Portland, Oregon and she had a layover in Chicago and she was supposed to be here at, what 4 something? 4:00, and then she called us and said it was in delay," said Dick Crihfield.

"It'll be good to see her, we saw her in July, so it'll be good to see her," said his wife Eileen Crihfield.