Man claims to have been struck by car, surveillance video says otherwise

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SOUTH EUCLID – Police and paramedics responded to the Marc’s parking lot on Tuesday on reports of a man being struck by a car in the parking lot.

When officers arrived, the man was on the ground and was complaining of pain in his back and legs.

The injured man told police he was struck by an elderly driver backing out of a parking space.

Police questioned the driver of the vehicle and other bystanders, coming to the conclusion that the vehicle was in fact stopped at the time of the run-in.

In the surveillance video below, which police checked to verify stories, you can see what really happened.

The vehicle comes to a complete stop, the man then walks into the non-moving vehicle, and falls to the ground.

Police confronted the man, who then no longer had any back or leg pain.

The man then left and a report was made.