9-year-old donates 400 pairs of socks to women’s crisis center in Cleveland

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PAINESVILLE, Ohio- A 9-year-old Painesville girl decided to give back this holiday season in a very special way.

"Some people don’t have a lot and we don't have a lot either, but a lot of kids have less than we do," said Nadia Cruz.

While watching an episode of “Ellen,” 9-year-old Nadia saw a young boy helping people and she decided to do the same.

"The little boy was feeding people and doing stuff and giving them things and I wanted to do that too and he inspired me and Ellen did too,” Nadia said.

She started a sock drive in November. Her goal was to collect 200 socks, but she surpassed her that and collected 822 pairs of socks.

"We are just so proud of her because she's touch so many people and so many people have reached out to her just saying they are just so happy to see someone at her age do something like this and feel selfless,” said Renee Cruz, Nadia’s mother.

On Christmas Eve, Nadia and her family delivered more than 400 pairs of socks to the children at Laura's Home, a women's crisis center in Cleveland.

"Many families come to us with virtually nothing, just the clothes on their back. So when we get donations like socks we can distribute them to the children who are here and they have the socks they need to keep their feet warm,” said Michael Parry, of Laura’s Home.

Nadia now wants to start her own charity and she wants to call it “Nadia's Soft Smiles” so she can help more kids in need.

"She said when she first thought of it, that the reason why she picked “Nadia Soft Smiles” is because when you give someone something you smile softly because you feel warm in the heart that they are getting something,” said Renee Cruz.