Tis the season for parties, food but what about regifting?

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The holidays are here and that means parties, food and presents!

But what about regifting? Is it OK to pass along a present to someone else that was given to you?

Have you ever recycled a present? Share your comments on the FOX 8 Facebook page with us. They could be used during our 9 a.m. newscast today.

In the meantime, Pamela Eyring, of the Protocol School of Washington, shared holiday etiquette tips with CNN.  Listen to her advice in the video above.

In case you were wondering, Eyring says regifting is common, but she advises to do it carefully.

She said,  “I think one thing you need to be careful of is looking to make sure it wasn’t personalized to you, or that there’s not a little card inserted somewhere that says, “To you, from us, with love.”



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