Police: Attempted kidnapping in Cleveland turns out to be misunderstanding

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Courtesy: FOX 8

CLEVELAND – After a man saw media reports about an attempted kidnapping in Cleveland on West 47th Street and Carlos Avenue, he informed local police he was in fact the person being described.

Earlier today, a mother told police her children were waiting for the bus when an unknown man tried to grab the arm of her 9-year-old daughter, but she pulled away and ran with her 8-year-old brother.

The children hid behind a car until they noticed a man they knew, who then called police and waited with the children until their bus arrived.

The mom pulled her kids out of school and took them to the Cleveland Division of Police Second District to file a report.

The man told police he was returning from a jog and noticed the children, who are similar in age to his niece and nephew. He approached them, and went to grab the girl’s hand- who he thought was his niece- not realizing it was the wrong child until she pulled away.

Police confirmed the man lives nearby and has relatives who resemble the children.

Along with information from the children and others present, it was concluded that it was a mistake and no arrests were made.