Cleveland Heights High School is a Cool School!

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CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio- A Cleveland Heights school is preparing students for the future by training them now for the work force. Cleveland Heights High School is a Cool School; the high school is unique because there are four schools under one roof.

"Our focus this year is on small schools. We have four small schools: We have the Renaissance Small School; we have the Mosaic  Small School; we also have the REAL/Early College small school and we have the New Tech," said Zoraba Ross, school principal.

The American Sign Language program is part of the world language department at the high school. Students who want to take sign language in college are putting their skills to work now.

"The deaf community is so much different than what people believe. Like people don't even know that there's a deaf community out there and I want to be a part of the hearing people that learn how to sign,” said Brittany Rabb, a senior.

Cleveland Heights also has a program called the work lab which teaches students skills to prepare them for the work force.

Part of the program is recycling so students go to every class collecting recyclables.

"It's a great program because it helps kids while they are still in high school so they are able to have some high school credit work experience and they make a small stipend and it helps the school and the community,” said Pam Fishman, a job coach.

Ninth and tenth graders in the early college program can attend classes at John Carroll University in their junior and senior years if their grades are above the 90-percent level.

"It's an accelerated program that helps us build our skills before we get to college so we are learning college readiness, how to be prepared, what to expect when we actually attend college so when we get there we are prepared; we're ready and we are above the rest," said Landry Snead, a junior.

For the first time this year, students formed a student union at the high school, which teaches the students about government and leadership.

"We formed a student union so that students can have a voice in school decision-making and policy-making and if they have any concerns about the school or the community that they can have a voice in those polices, " said Emma Schubert, student union co-chair.

Audio engineering is part of the tech program at the high school.  Students take a two-year class which features  professional software and hardware for students eager to learn the field of audio engineering.

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