After calling 911 nearly 4000 times, one caller was rewarded

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WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah – In less than a week, dispatchers received nearly 4000 calls to 911, but it wasn’t for the reason they thought.

The calls were happening three to four times per minute, and all coming from the same number.

Dispatcher Kari Bueno told KSL, “At first, I admit it, we were pretty mad. ‘We’ve got to find who this person is. This is ridiculous,'” she recalled saying. “‘What are we going to do? We are so mad.'”

About three weeks ago, the mystery caller was found.

David VanBibber, 30, was just trying to listen to music on a disconnected cell phone. VanBibber is mentally challenged and his family says he functions like an 8-year-old.

VanBibber used the cell phone like an iPod, and calling 911 was just happening accidentally while he listened to his music.

The dispatchers didn’t want to take away his phone, but the calls to 911 had to stop somehow.

That’s where the idea for an iPod and an iTunes gift card came to mind.

“It creates a lot of solace for him,” VanBibber’s father Steven told KSL.

And now VanBibber now has a new iPod to enjoy for the holidays thanks to local dispatchers.