Browns coach Mike Pettine calls Bernie Kosar’s comments ‘a little dramatic’

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Berea, Ohio– Just days after former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar lambasted the Cleveland Browns organization and its top brass, calling them “uneducated” on a local radio station, head coach Mike Pettine addressed it at his weekly news conference.

“I think that’s a little dramatic,” Pettine said. “Sometimes guys will make comments that are a little over the top. I have a lot of respect for Bernie. He was one of my favorite guys growing up. Heck of a quarterback. He’s entitled to his opinion.”

Kosar, who is a regular guest on WTAM 1100, told the radio station that the individuals running the organization don’t know how to lead, organize and set a culture for winning in the NFL.

“Being here on the inside of it, seeing what we’re building and the interaction that we have between Jimmy Haslam and Ray Farmer and Alec Scheiner and myself, the commitment is all there for us to be successful,” Pettine said.

“Obstacles are being removed for us to be successful. I’m very encouraged about the future here. Very encouraged. I’d be the last one to tell you that the odds are stacked against us to be successful because of management, that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Pettine said he realizes this is a society of instant gratification and everybody wants instant success, but he stresses it’s a process and patience needs to be preached.

“When you build a house, you have to build it from the foundation,” Pettine said. “You have to build it the right way, make sure it’s rock solid. We’re in the middle of that. I get everyone will have their opinions to say what they say. I didn’t hear a lot of that when we had just gotten our seventh win.”

The Browns have lost their last three games and have fallen to 7-7 heading into Sunday’s game at Carolina. Pettine knows the recent losing streak has garnished a lot of the negative talk.

“If we want that stuff to go away, it still comes back to a bottom line business. You got to win games,” Pettine said.

The team and the organization will have a chance to silence those critiques with a win Sunday over the 5-8 Panthers.