Accused Akron cop killer pleads not guilty to Officer Justin Winebrenner’s death

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AKRON, Ohio- The man accused of killing an Akron police officer last month pleaded not guilty.

Kenan Ivery, 35, of Akron, was arraigned before Judge Alison McCarty in Summit County Court Wednesday morning.

Ivery appeared handcuffed in a red prison uniform on multiple charges, including aggravated murder, in the shooting death of Officer Justin Winebrenner, who was off duty at the time.

Officer Winebrenner's family, along with 11 members of the Akron Police Department, were present at the arraignment. The victim's father, Robert Winebrenner, wore a black shirt with his son's name and badge on the back.

Prosecutors said on Nov. 16, Officer Winebrenner was trying to defuse a situation with Ivery at Papa Don's Bar when he suffered gunshot wounds. Five other people were either shot or shot at that evening.

Ivery faces 18 charges and is being held without bond at the Medina County Jail for his protection. A pretrial hearing is scheduled for Jan 21.

Prosecutors said they will seek the death penalty against Ivery, if he's convicted.

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