WATCH: Weiner dog’s dramatic weight loss

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An obese weiner dog goes from a couch potato to the star of a canine calendar.

Obie the dachshund became famously fat in 2012 after his whopping 77 pound frame went viral on the internet.

He grew to a massive size after being overfed human food by his elderly owners. He even had to wear a vest to protect his belly from dragging on the ground.

In 2012 Obie was adopted by a veterinary tech named Nora Vanatta. She put Obie on a weight-loss dry food diet, and the pounds melted off.

Obie has now lost 40 pounds over the past two years, and is showing off his sleek body in a new calender.

Nora documented Obie’s milestones along the way including the first time he ran, and the first time he lifted his leg to pee.

After his amazing weight loss he had a tummy tuck to remove more than two pounds of tissue from his belly.

Obie has maintained a weight of 23 pounds for a year. He now eats half a cup of regular, dry dog food, twice a day.

Obie’s 2015 calender is $25.

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