Man held at gunpoint for speeding while wife is in labor

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CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH -- A man rushing home to help his pregnant wife says he was held at gunpoint after he refused to stop for an officer trying to pull him over.

The police chief commends the officer, while the father-to-be says he went too far.

"The only thing I was thinking about was my wife, I gotta make sure she's ok," said Samuel Taylor.

It happened Friday around 7:30 a.m.

Sam Taylor, 27, was rushing home to his wife who had called him at work saying she was in labor with their second child.  Less than a mile from his home near Cedar and Coventry in Cleveland Heights, a police officer tried to pull Taylor over for going 38 miles an hour in a 25 mile an hour zone.

Taylor kept going.

"I was six houses away from my home, put my hazards on; I slowed down and I pulled up to my house and I explained the situation to the police officer clearly and calmly and his reaction to that was anything but appropriate," Taylor said.

"The individual driver exits his car, comes back toward the police officer's car. At that time the officer exits his car and orders the man to stop at gunpoint," said Cleveland Heights Police Chief Jeffrey Robertson.

Taylor says the officer would not allow him to leave his car.

This is a call he made to the police department:

"I get pulled over a quarter of a mile from my house. I continued to my house so I could go in and check in on my wife.  This police officer won't let me go in my house; he won't let me get out of my car.  This is ridiculous!" said Taylor.

"When a police officer is behind you and your lights are activated and a siren is indicated, what do you do? You pull to the right and stop," said Robertson.

"I was not yelling; I was not making any aggressive or threatening moves. I was doing just the opposite. He told me to put my hands up; I put them up immediately.  He kept the gun pointed at me," said Taylor.

Later that day, Sam's wife had a healthy baby boy; mother and baby are doing fine.

Chief Jeffrey Robertson says had Taylor pulled over, the officer would have called for an ambulance.  Instead, he received a citation for speeding and failing to yield to an emergency vehicle.

"Maybe there's something better I should've and I could've done. I'm sorry for not doing that," Taylor said.

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