Dashcam video reveals violent collision between police cruiser and suspected drunk driver

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NEWBURGH HEIGHTS - Dash and body camera video from Friday's crash involving a Newburgh Heights cruiser shows the violent collision that happened on 77.

"I was just rear ended," Officer Shawn Finch told dispatch seconds after his cruiser was struck by a white pick up.

The pick up flipped over and police officers can be seen pulling the driver of the pick up out of the vehicle.

"The truck was leaking fuel and the officers wanted to get him to safety," Newburgh Heights Police Chief John Majoy told Fox 8 as he watched the video with us.

He said the Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating the crash. He believes the driver of the truck is still in the hospital.

"Right now it is a suspected OVI so we are going to leave the cruiser outside the station to remind people not to drive while impaired," Majoy said.

He said Officer Finch is now home recovering. He says when he looked at the extensive damage of the cruiser he is surprised his officer was not hurt more seriously.