Caught on Camera: Thieves steal donation jar from local gas station

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BAY VILLAGE, OHIO – A donation jar for “Children’s Miracle Network” was stolen not once, but twice from the Speedway Gas Station off Columbia Road.

"Probably less than a hundred dollars was in the change jar each time.  At this point in time, we have no known suspects.  We just have the descriptions that were given to us,” said Detective Kevin Krolkosky with Bay Village Police.

Both thefts were caught on camera. The first incident took place on November 23 and the second on December 8.

The video shows the suspects  walking in, grabbing the jar and running out.

"How could you take from kids who are ill in the hospital? You know, that's what that's for... to help them,” said Donna Williams.

She lives across the street from the gas station. She said that donation jar is always full.

"They keep it right by the cash register, you know so it is right there... but who would really... who would want to do that?" she said.

The container from the December 8 theft was eventually recovered from a side street, but it was empty.

Detective Krolkosky said it’s unclear if the two thefts are connected

"As to whether the suspects are from the area, he said it’s not likely."

"Especially with the gas station's proximity to I-90, it was probably a very quick dash... grab the change jar, get back on the freeway and you're out of town,” he said.

Anyone with information on either of these thefts should call Bay Village Police at 440-871-1234.