Boy’s fun day on roller coasters turns into a medical nightmare

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His parents say he was in perfectly good health before a day at the amusement park while on a family vacation, but now, medical experts say the 4-year-old boy suffered a stroke after riding roller coasters.

According to CBS News, the boy began vomiting the next day and developed a droop on the left side his face during the flight back home.

The doctor who treated the child said the sudden movements of the rides and the force on the child’s head and neck caused a tear in his artery. That resulted in a blood clot that triggered the stroke.

The boy is now doing much better, but still has stiffness and weakness and occasionally has trouble on his left side.

CBS reports that suffering a stroke after riding a roller coaster is extremely rare, but there are two other previous cases involving children.

According to Newser, researchers say children under 10 years of age have weak neck muscles and relatively large heads, which makes them more vulnerable to these tears.

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