Mom films journey to find people who saved son’s life 10 years ago

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In 2004, Kellie Haddock’s life “was perfect.” She and her husband, AJ, had just welcomed their new baby, Eli, into the world and were excited to be new parents.

Just 14 weeks later, that all changed.

Kellie, AJ and Eli were all involved in a horrific car crash. AJ died instantly, and Eli was severely injured, undergoing bleeding on the brain and several strokes. Doctors told Kellie at the time that “it doesn’t look good.”

But in the end, they were all able to save his life. Kellie and Eli went home a week later.

Ten years after the crash, Kellie tracked down all the nurses and medical specialists who saved Eli, who is now doing “incredibly well.”

Kellie calls it “The Thank You project,” and documented it all on video.

It begins with footage of Kellie and AJ in the hospital just after Eli was born, then shows each nurse and doctor as they are surprised with a thank you from Kellie, who is now remarried.

Watch in the video player above.