May the force be with her: Young girl takes action over Star Wars figures

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WASHINGTON, D.C.—A young girl channeled her inner force to take action over Star Wars figures being sold in her hometown.

9-year-old Abigail Schneier, of Washington, D.C., is a huge Stars Wars fan and when she noticed a lack of female Star Wars figures in stores she took matters into her own hands.

Back in October, Abby wrote a letter to Star Wars creator George Lucas and the head of Toys ‘R’ Us about the issue.

She said the only thing she could find at a Toys ‘R’ Us was a stuffed Princess Leia doll and a Princess Leia gold bikini figure.

In the letter, Abby said she wanted to see more female action figures and signed it “help me Mister Lucas and Mister Mullany, you are our only hope!”

Nearly a month later, Abby got a response back from Toys ‘R’ Us, along with a glowing letter thanking her for her feedback.

The youngster also received three Star Wars figures: Toryn Farr, Bastila Shan and Padme Amidala.

Now, she and her family are hoping to hear from George Lucas.

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