Detective asks for high bond for mom accused of ‘heinous act’ against toddler

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CLEVELAND – A child is hospitalized with stab wounds, and her mother is behind bars, accused of stabbing her.

Tairra Johnson, 27, is facing a charge of felonious assault and is expected to be arraigned on the charge Tuesday morning.

Police said she stabbed her 2 ½ year old daughter multiple times in the torso, causing severe bleeding.

The stabbing happened around 9:30 Sunday night at their home on West 47th Place.

“I’ve seen her last night when they were carrying her out for the ambulance,” said neighbor Nina Hamrick.  “One of the lieutenants or someone in a white shirt carried her down here to the paramedics because there were cop cars down the street and the paramedics stopped right here in front of the house.”

Cleveland Detective Thomas Ross submitted a request for a high bond with the court.  He wrote in the request that the victim required immediate transport and emergency trauma surgery to repair the wounds.

“This extremely heinous act alone against a small child demands the highest level of secure placement of the defendant while the court process moves forward,” Ross wrote. “Observations of the crime scene and the victim make it clear that these stabbing wounds were intentional and meant to inflict the serious physical harm, if not worse, that was indeed caused to this child.”

Police said Johnson does not have a criminal history.

Those living near Johnson said the neighborhood is normally quiet.

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