Police department helping traffic violators get out of tickets

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CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio -- One area police department is actually helping traffic violators get out of getting a ticket.  And, as a result, hundreds of children should have a brighter Christmas.

Cuyahoga Falls Police are patrolling the streets as they normally do.  And, that means making traffic stops.  But violators might be able to avoid getting a ticket. That’s because the police are enforcing the Toys for Tickets Program.

"We can give you a warning.  And, please consider brightening a child's Christmas by bringing in a toy,” said Sgt. Gary Blevins.

This would apply to motorists who are stopped for a minor traffic or parking offense.  It would be up to officer’s discretion whether to give a citation or a warning.

A warning comes with a waiver asking the violator to donate a new toy.

"Oftentimes, the traffic citations that are issued for violations such as this run in about the $90 range,” Blevins said.

Michael Wallman, of Stow, thinks the Toys for Tickets program is a good idea.

“It could help charity. Plus, buying a toy would be cheaper than paying for a ticket," he said.

This is the fifth year for the Toys for Tickets program, and it has been rather successful in the past.  It runs the first two weeks of December.

The toy donations must be brought to the Cuyahoga Falls Police Station by Dec. 14.

“I try to donate to the Toys for Tots program as it is.  So, it is definitely great opportunity to give back and Cuyahoga Falls is a great community," resident Ashley Baden said.

The Cuyahoga Falls Good Neighbors group distributes the donated toys to area needy children in time for Christmas.