Must see! Neighborhood builds winter wonderland for girl battling leukemia

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Outside, a small army of volunteers toiled away, while inside her home, a little 3-year-old girl thought all that noise was just her parents doing hard work.

Little Gianna Andolina, "Gigi," had no idea.

"Every year, we typically go see a couple houses that are all decked out with Christmas lights," says her dad, Adam.

But, back in late June, Gigi was diagnosed with leukemia.

The current treatments weaken her immune system, meaning her parents can't really take her out of the house much except for doctor visits at the Cleveland Clinic.

Her mother, Julie, mentioned this on social media, and then an idea just took off.

"The word got out, and we ended up with so much more than we expected," Julie says.

The idea was simple: if Gigi (and her siblings, 5-year-old Joey and 1-year-old Amelia) couldn't go to see Christmas lights, then friends would bring the light show to them.

On Sunday, as Gigi was kept inside, and the shades to the back yard were closed, volunteers went about constructing a Winter Wonderland.

Then, after the sun went down, and without a lot of people around (because of Gigi's weakened immune system), Julie and Adam brought her outside, a mask covering her mouth, to see the newly-minted Christmas light display.

At three, Gigi is a girl of few words, but those words spoke volumes.

"Thank you for putting on these lights," she said, "I love you."

And Gigi knows a lot of people love her.

She only needs to look in her backyard to see that love this holiday season.