‘Random Acts of Pasta’: Man uses Olive Garden pass to feed strangers, homeless

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OGDEN, Utah -- He originally bought an Olive Garden 'Never Ending Pasta Pass' because he loves pasta.

While he waited for the $100 pass, which entitles you to unlimited pasta for seven weeks, to arrive, Matt Tribe decided he would use it to spread the wealth.

"I decided it might be fun to randomly take Olive Garden to people -- Random Acts of Pasta," Tribe says in a blog he wrote about the experience.

His goal was to share 100 meals. He even called Olive Garden to make sure he could use the pass for take-out.

After the seven-week period, 125 people got pasta. He started with friends and family -- then it spread to strangers, like a UPS man. He even searched for homeless people to share the warm meals with.

Tribe used the pass for himself 14 times.

He wrote a blog about his experience and recorded a YouTube video about what he'd done.

In his blog he says:

"After thousands of miles and hundreds of hours, Random Acts of Pasta was one of the most fun and fulfilling things I've ever done. Perhaps it's because I live a very boring and uneventful life and doing anything is be better than the alternative, or perhaps it's because that during the time I was doing Random Acts of Pasta, the only thing on my mind was who I was going to take pasta to. Just imagine how cool it would be if everyone did something like this in their life."

Olive Garden gave the following statement on what Tribe did with his pass: "Thanks for posting. We're proud to be part of this powerful video, as it aligns with our harvest program, which allowed us to donate more than 4.2 million cooked meals to local food banks last year. However, our only role was selling Matt a Pasta Pass and happily fulfilling each one of his orders."


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