Woman credits Akron police officers for saving family

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AKRON-- A Summit County woman credits the bravery and marksmanship of Akron police for saving her life and the lives of her daughter and the man who was threatening to kill them.

Adriane Hartwell of Akron says she was enjoying Thanksgiving with her children when her daughter's boyfriend, 31-year-old Earion Feaster, burst into their home in a violent rage over the still unexplained death of the couple’s three-month-old son.

Hartwell told Fox 8, "she came in the door, then he busted in behind her and it was already going then, and I was just trying to plead with him, 'please don't do this, Earion, please don't do this, don't throw your life away', trying to plead with him."

Hartwell says her dog tried to defend the family by biting a chunk out of Earion Feaster's leg, but that just made him angrier and he pulled out two knives.

Hartwell says Feaster threatened to kill her daughter, “because he said ‘she killed my baby’. He was just going crazy, I was just trying to plead with him, plead with him, to buy some time, and then when he pulled the knife on me and told me if I touch him, he was going to stab me. I had to move out of the way and let him by."

Hartwell says she called 911 and was relieved when Akron police arrived and walked right into the middle of the volatile situation.

She says she was amazed by the composure of the patrolmen who came face to face with Earion Feaster, as he held two knives to her daughter's throat.

“They came in here, telling him to get down on the floor, put the weapons down, whatever, and he wouldn't do it, and so I heard a shot, and then they were saying it again, and he still wouldn't do it, and I heard another shot."

The gunfire struck Earion Feaster in the leg, forcing him to drop the knives he was holding to the victim's throat. Akron Police say the same officer who shot Feaster then rendered first aid by applying a tourniquet to his leg until paramedics arrived.

Hartwell says she's aware of the criticism police are facing around the country and says her family is grateful for the skill and compassion Akron police showed on Thanksgiving.

"They were angels, that's what they looked like to him, they looked like angels”, she said. “Every time I've called them, I've needed them, more than not, [they’ve] always been there for me, always saved the day."

Earion Feaster was taken to Akron General Medical Center for treatment of the gunshot wound and the dog bite.

The police officer, who’s been on the force for the past seven years, has been placed on administrative leave.

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