‘There is no entourage with me’: Manziel says he tried to avoid altercation

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CLEVELAND -- Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel says he tried to avoid an altercation with a fan last weekend in the lobby of a downtown Cleveland building.

"This was a very intoxicated, very aggressive person that approached me in the lobby, putting his hands on me, kinda toying with me as I got back. Just trying to mind my own business and get upstairs to my room," said Manziel.

Saturday morning around 2:30 a.m., staff at The 9 in downtown Cleveland called police for a large fight.

A Sandusky man said he tried to approach Manziel and was then pushed and attacked by Manziel's bodyguard, according to the police report.

"Came at my roommate, there is no entourage with me. I live with one other person and my mother was upstairs," said Manziel.

Manziel said he didn't have any marks on his face and the whole situation started and ended quickly.

He thanked the hotel staff for their quick response.

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