Video shows suspect’s dangerous decision during routine traffic stop

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NEWBURGH HEIGHTS, Ohio- A routine traffic stop in Newburgh Heights led to a dangerous foot chase beside a busy highway and it was all caught on the officer's body cam video.

"This was on Sunday, November 9, at about three in the afternoon.  It was a routine traffic stop," said Chief John Majoy with the Newburgh Heights Police Department.

But according to Chief Majoy, this stop was anything but routine.

"The officer ran the plate, and saw the registered owner had a warrant for aggravated burglary out of Cleveland.  So, the officer goes ahead and makes a traffic stop," said Chief Majoy.

Cruiser dash cam video shows that as the officer gets ready to get out of the car, William Hassan, 26, of Cleveland, slowly gets out of his car.

Video is rolling as Hassan closes the door, locks it, and then suddenly takes off running up a ramp and then up a hill.

"He took the initiative to lock the vehicle.  This was a planned event.  Standing by the vehicle there, he was just thinking about it.  And then eventually said, okay, when the officer came out, he knew it was time to run," said Chief Majoy.

The officer's body cam was rolling as the officer gave chase.

And as the suspect jumps the fence, the officer deploys the Taser through the fence.

However, Hassan still managed to run away.

The officer himself, then tried to jump the fence, but was unsuccessful.

"Looked like the officer was going to jump the fence, but decided not to do so.  I support the decision because you don't know what is on the other side.  In the video, you can clearly see that yes, there is a wide-open area. But the suspect quickly disappears and it becomes an officer safety issue," said Chief Majoy.

The officer had called for back-up, who arrived with-in minutes, but still no trace of Hassan.

"He is wanted.  Now, he has additional charges from our department on top of those in Cleveland," added Chief Majoy.

Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of William Hassan is asked to call the Newburgh Heights Police Department.

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