Snow smackdown: Woman shows FOX 8 ‘unbelievable’ amount of snow that fell at home near Buffalo

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CHEEKTOWAGA, New York- If you think some areas of Northeast Ohio got a lot of snow in the recent rounds of winter weather-- you may change your mind after you see how much snow fell in a town called Cheektowaga, near Buffalo, New York.

Tania Becker told FOX 8 she's lived in the Buffalo suburb for more than 10 years.

Monday night, they had about 6 inches of snow.

This morning at 6:30 a.m., they had 3-4 feet; then between 6:30-11 a.m., Tania said they got another two feet of snow for a total of 5-6 feet of snow!

This afternoon, Tania gave FOX 8 a tour of all the snow in the backyard of their home.

*Watch the video above for Tania's tour of all the snow*

More than 70 inches of snow are expected in parts of Buffalo before it's over, but Mayor Byron Brown insisted "the city is open, the city is operational with the exception of South Buffalo." Even the Buffalo Sabres would take the ice Tuesday night.

"This storm is basically a knife that went right through the heart of Erie County," said Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz. "I can't remember and I don't think anyone else can remember this much snow falling in this short a period."

The snow left people stranded in cars, turned roadways into parking lows and forced some emergency responders to rely on snowmobiles provided by volunteers. It blanketed the area at a rate of three to five inches an hour.

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