‘What?’: Shocked boy can’t believe his dad wore diapers

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Potty training! It’s a rite of passage for every parent.

A Colorado mom by the name of Susan Hall was discussing the topic with her son, Banneker, when an adorable exchange took place.

Hall had her cell phone, captured it all on video and posted it to her Facebook page.

The two-year-old boy couldn’t believe his dad once wore diapers.

“Banneker, everybody wore diapers. Did you know daddy wore diapers?”

“My dad? Kevin Hall?” the shocked toddler asked.

“Kevin Hall wore diapers,” his mom answered.

“What?” the boy asked in an even more shocked tone.

“It’s true!” his mom said.

“No! Stop!” the boy replied while holding up his hand.

Click the video above for the hilarious conversation.