Police warn about ‘free pizza’ scam

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PORT CLINTON, Ohio – An offer for a free pizza could put your computer at risk.

According to the Port Clinton police, an email is circulating stating that you can join in on Pizza Hut’s 55th anniversary by getting a free pizza at any of their restaurants. All you have to do is click on the “Get Free Pizza Coupon” button.

Pizza Hut Scam

Police say there isn’t a free pizza. Clicking on the coupon will install malware on your computer.

There are a few clues that the email is a scam. The first is the sender’s email isn’t a Pizza Hut email address, and whenever you click on the link, it doesn’t show pizzahut.com.  Also, Pizza Hut’s official website doesn’t say anything about a free pizza.

If you aren’t sure if an email is legitimate, don’t click on it or open any attachments. You may also want to type in the company’s URL to check it out.