‘I just keep my lights on’: Residents cautious, on alert in Lorain

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LORAIN, Ohio -- Many residents are on alert after police say there have been several break-ins over the last several weeks.

It has caused several people in Lorain to lose their sense of security, and they want whoever is responsible to be caught.

The break-ins have been happening in the Oberlin Avenue and West 21st Street area according to authorities.
Sunday afternoon, neighbors said they are staying proactive, trying their best not to become victims.

Kim Shelton has a high privacy fence and guard dogs. She also is double-checking her house, garage and vehicles to make sure they are always locked.

"We work hard for what we have, we may not have a lot, but we work for that,” Shelton said.

She tells Fox 8 it is frustrating to know that people are taking advantage.

"We've got a deadbolt inside now, we double lock this side one, we lock the gates, even with the dog running loose we still lock it,” she said.

Many of her neighbors are doing the same.

"I can't understand why they're doing stuff like this, and this is a main street,” said Corrina Charlton, who lives in the area.

Authorities say thieves are breaking in through open windows or by breaking glass inside of a door then turning the lock.

Tools, electronics -- even snow blowers are items of interest, according to police.

"I turn my porch light on I keep my side light on, I just keep my lights on,” Charlton said.

Neighbors hope police catch whoever is responsible, because to them safety is everything.

Lorain police tell Fox 8 they do not have any suspects in custody regarding these recent crimes.