CLE, Cuyahoga health officials ‘confident’ area prepared to deal with Ebola

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Officials with the Cleveland Department of Public Health and the Cuyahoga County Board of Health said they are confident safety responders and leaders are prepared should anyone in NE Ohio be diagnosed with Ebola.

They also emphasized that no cases of Ebola have been confirmed in Ohio, and no one is exhibiting any symptoms of the virus. If individuals do not have symptoms, it cannot be spread, officials said.

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Amber Vinson, 29, was diagnosed with Ebola after a trip from Dallas to Cleveland to visit family and plan her wedding.

So far, 29 direct contacts with Vinson have been identified, and an additional 87 people were on her flights to and from the area.

All are being monitored for symptoms as a precaution.

If you have questions or concerns about Ebola, contact the Ohio Department of Health 24-hour call center at 866-800-1404.


Darcie Loreno October 18, 20143:41 pm

Director of Public Health Toinette Parrilla: There will be a second meeting with area hospitals and leaders.

Darcie Loreno October 18, 20143:41 pm

Parilla: Zero cases of Ebola in NE Ohio.

Darcie Loreno October 18, 20143:43 pm

Officials: After a walk-through, approved MetroHealth’s plan put in place to deal with any Ebola cases.

Darcie Loreno October 18, 20143:44 pm

Officials: There have been decades of experience responding to Ebola outbreaks across the globe. Those experiences tell us it’s not airborne.

Darcie Loreno October 18, 20143:45 pm

Officials: There is a tiered monitoring system for those on the two flights with Amber Vinson, depending on how the individuals had contact with her.

Darcie Loreno October 18, 20143:45 pm

Officials: Risk across the board was very low.

Darcie Loreno October 18, 20143:46 pm

Officials: In Cuyahoga County, 57 individuals we are tracking.

Darcie Loreno October 18, 20143:46 pm

Officials: All contacts to date are healthy. If contacts are not ill, they don’t pose a problem to others.

Darcie Loreno October 18, 20143:47 pm

Officials: We have two health care workers with Ebola in Dallas. But no additional cases, even among those who had very close contact. We are nearing the end in the coming days of the 21-day tracking period in Dallas.

Darcie Loreno October 18, 20143:58 pm

Cleveland Dept. of Public Safety: Confident our first responders have the equipment and knowledge to deal with something like this.

Darcie Loreno October 18, 20144:01 pm

Press conference concludes