Team’s new football uniforms about so much more than looking good

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AKRON- When the Kenmore High School Cardinal football team takes the field for homecoming against Akron North on Saturday the team will be hard to miss.

The team, which has had only white and black uniforms, will be dressed in red.

The new uniforms are a gift from Cameo Crumby, a 2003 graduate, who said he wanted to give something back.

"I moved down to Charlotte, North Carolina. I'm an actor, full-time, and I just had a good year last year so I wanted to come back and give back to my school; so I got them all new uniforms just to show Akron that I haven't forgotten where I came from," said Crumby.

The uniforms were presented to the team during a pep rally at the school on Friday.

Some of the players said the gift not only gives them a new look, but a new outook on how people feel about them and their community.

"It makes us understand where we came from and by Cameo coming we know that we can also do the same," said sophomore Tackle Fred Roberts.

"It means that wherever you go, you don't have to forget where you came from and you can always give back to people," said Dorell Daniels-Vaught.

"It means a lot to me because there's not too many people who want to do something for us," said senior captain Marquesz Franks.

Crumby said while following news from his community from afar he realized there was just too much bad news.

"I said if you won't tell me any good news, I'm going to make some good news," said Crumby.

The jerseys are a $4,000 contribution.  They come from his sports apparel business called 'Mindsight.'

The gift also demonstrates to Kenmore football players and students that graduates of their school can become successful at whatever they dream about doing.

"It shows that I can do it too, that any of us can do it as long as we put the work in and that we actually try we could do it," said Franks.

"Anybody can make it. You just have to put in some work but anybody can do it," said Reva Ferguson.

Kenmore's Head Football Coach Kemp Boyd said he has worked to instill just such a belief system in his players, who he encourages to take responsibility and ownership of their grades, their school and their community.

"As I told my guys, I expect you to be doing the same thing five to ten years from now, coming back to the school with something to give. Maybe it's not jerseys but maybe it's a tutoring program; maybe it's books; maybe it's school supplies, but giving something back and paying it forward," said Boyd.​